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The world around us is changing fast.  

We need bold changemakers.

Those who will create a better, safer and more sustainable future for all.


The Under 35 Changemaker Awards 2023 gathers and celebrates the raising leaders, those who make ideas a reality, who inspire others, who lead change, who rethink and reimagine the world around us. So that we can live in greener cities and more connected communities, benefit from sustainable innovations and find solutions to global challenges. 

The Awards are organized by Project Management Institute Sweden Chapter and will be presented to selected nominees at the Passion for Projects Congress on the 13 March 2023 at the Space Stockholm.



Three Awards Categories.

Six Awards winners.


Award for Inspirational Leadership

Good leadership encourages, motivates and drives people to make a positive difference in the world. This award recognizes and honors young leaders who have demonstrated great leadership that has a major, positive and meaningful impact on teams, industries and communities. 



Award for Sustainability Impact

Sustainability is not a new topic. We all imagine that in a sustainable society, human beings work together to protect the planet for future generations. The winners of the PMI Sweden Under 35 Changemakers Award have inspired people, developed new approaches and enabled changes for a more sustainable future.



Award for Changemakers in Tech 

The tech industry is buzzing. Young professionals and team leaders are trying to transform and shift traditions, bring in the latest innovative ideas and pave a new path for futuristic products. This spring, we wish to award those fabulous tech changemakers for their significant contributions to the industry.


Join us for the Awards celebration!

13-14 March 2023 - Space Stockholm

Passion for Projects Congress

Scandinavia's largest meeting for project professionals.


A mindblowing, uplifting, inspiring ”big meet”.

A meeting that could impact all your future meetings! 

Keynotes and interactive sessions but also a touch and feel of the latest meeting tech.



PMI Sweden Chapter

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the leading professional association for project management, and the authority for a growing global community of millions of project professionals and individuals who use project management skills. PMI today represents over 600,000 members in 180 countries. Collectively, these professionals and “changemakers” consistently create better outcomes for businesses, community and society worldwide.

In Sweden, we have operated since January 1998 and the operation is run entirely by volunteers. We are geographically divided into four areas: North, East, West and South. These areas are run by local working groups who arrange locally adapted activities and offer local networks.