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Alexandra Davidsson

Alexandra Davidsson is a recipient of the Under 35 Changemaker Award 2022 by PMI Sweden for her truly inspirational leadership in creating and promoting a sustainable circular future.

31 years old, Sustainability and Circular Consumption Expert, Speaker, Sustainability Influencer.

Alexandra is the Secretary General for the Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption (Medveten Konsumtion) since 2016, a non-profit working to raise awareness of how consumers’ can make more sustainable and circular choices. Prior to her current role she was working with the UN in New York and WFP in Rome and a EU-funded project called “Young Ambassadors for Human Rights”.

She’s an award-winning leader and one of Swedens' top ranked sustainability experts, specializing in sustainable and circular consumption. She mentors start-ups in the international network Unreasonable Group and has 15 years experience of non-profit association work. She holds a Master’s degree in Global Studies, a bachelor in Political Science with a minor in Business, and is described as diplomatic, a great PR-persona with a talent for inspiring people and she practices a value-based leadership.