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Julia Gustafsson

Julia is a recipient of the Under 35 Changemaker Award 2022 by PMI Sweden for her inspiring contributions to efficient digital transformation through driving innovative initiatives.

28 years old, Head of Digitalization of IT Processes at SKF 

Julia is a people person and passionate about supporting people to work easier, smarter, and more efficient. During the last few years, Julia has worked in different positions such as a consultant, project manager, and product- and platform owner. The various roles have provided Julia with different learnings that she applies into her current role, working as Head of Digitalization of IT Processes. Working with digital transformation, it is not only important to consider new digital tools, efficient or smart solutions, it is also important to consider the people working in these processes and tools. Julia believes that a key part of her role is to listen to those people and have empathy for the change of going digital.

Julia holds a master in IT Management from the University of Gothenburg. From her many years of studying, Julia has not only learned to bring the curiosity of new technology and solutions into her working life, but also to constantly evolve.