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Raquel Aguilar Gomez

Raquel is a recipient of the Under 35 Changemaker Award 2022 by PMI Sweden for her inspiring leadership in creating success through application of Virtual reality & augmented reality and Robotics.

30 years old, Process Engineer at Volvo Cars.

Raquel is passionate about new technologies and manufacturing engineering because it enables people to make ideas reality and create something from scratch.

As a Manufacturing Engineer she has been involved in the complete process using robotics simulations. Starting by verifying the product from R&D, to building the prototype in the pilot plant, to running the slow build series onsite in the factory. Her knowledge of robotic simulations and the benefits of the tools brought her to Shanghai for an international assignment in 2019. She followed the implementation of one of the Volvo models in the portfolio in the Daqing factory and also taught simulation tools within the whole Apac organization. With these tools Volvo Cars managed to make the fastest launch in Volvo Cars history.

After the return from China she continued the journey by teaching the rest of the Volvo plants (In Belgium and USA). Now she is focusing on developing strategies to use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality within Volvo factories, to decrease the lead time and gain more quality.

She believes the new technology will help to change people's mindset and allow businesses to take more risk in the future. As a woman in technology she also encourages girls to choose a career within engineering and manufacturing through participating in the youth initiatives within Volvo Cars.