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Three Award categories

Six Award winners


Award for Inspiring Leadership

Good leadership encourages, motivates and drives people to make a positive difference in the world. This award recognizes and honors young leaders who have demonstrated great leadership that has a major, positive and meaningful impact on different aspects of industries and communities.




Award for Sustainability Impact

Sustainability is not a new topic. We all imagine that in a sustainable society, human beings work together to protect the planet for future generations. The winners of the PMI Sweden under 35 changemakers award have inspired people, developed new approaches and enabled changes for a more sustainable future.




Award for Changemaker in Technology

The tech industry is buzzing. Young professionals and team leaders are trying to transform and shift traditions, bring in the latest innovative ideas and pave a new path for futuristic products. This spring, we wish to award those fabulous tech changemakers for their significant contributions to the industry.






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  • Publicly recognised as exceptional leaders at www.pmi-se.org, elpforum.pmi-se.org and passionforprojects.org websites, our media channels and email newsletters. 

  • Celebrated at the Passion for Projects Congress 2023 at the Space Stockholm with 500+ large audience. 

  • Free Passion for Project Congress 2023 pass and opportunity to network with other awards winners and Passion for Project Congress 2023 participants. 

  • Awards winners travel and hotel costs to attend Passion for Projects Congress 2023 will be covered by PMI Sweden Chapter.




In May 2022, ten inspiring young changemakers received the Award at the Emerging Project Leaders Forum 2022 that took place in collaboration with Passion for Projects Congress 2022 in Gothenburg. 

The Under 35 Changemaker Award winners for 2022 are: 

Alexandra Davidsson

Mustafa Sherif

Gustav Frid

Annaam Butt

Xiping Huang

Marina Bykova

Julia Gustafsson

Johanna Bergman

Raquel Aguilar Gomez

Jennifer Jönsson